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Off Topic: Meet Me


This blog post is about a blog post about me. With my embedded systems internship, and first MCU experiences at Saykal Electronics, I needed lots of help about getting used to Texas Instrumetns MSP430. That is when I found about TI e2e forum to get help.

When I was working with my Bicycle POV Display Project I consulted to this forum at so many critical points and got very useful feedback in no time. During this, I decided to share my limited knowledge with newcomers of the forum and therefore I could get used to solve problems and improve my knowledge while helping higher level forum members save time by responding simple threads on forum.

After getting an active member of Blake Ethridge, from TI, contacted me about having a blog post about me like an interview, and this is the result



And after this post TI even sent me T-Shirts for free 🙂 I hope to see you in the forum soon.